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Empower India With The Latest Technological Advancements.

Consumer behavior is changing constantly and we want to be one step ahead of our customers’ choices as they change their minds with each passing variable. We believe that data is the future and are moving towards the Big Data analytics and initiatives that are continuously rising, to gain insights that can help in making strategic decisions in businesses.

The dire need for technological advancements in India, especially in the retail sector, motivated us to bring globally recognized Analytical Solutions to India. With immense hard work and perseverance, Identifeye Solutions (Frogsplash Technology LLP) partnered with a Turkey-based company - ‘V-Count Teknoloji A.S.’ and finally came into being in the year 2016.

After receiving immense support and recognition from the retail industry, we have tied up with several international companies to bring state-of-the-art technology suitable for the Indian Market. 

We provide cutting-edge People Counting Technology, Zone Analysis, Demographic Analysis, and Wi-Fi-based technologies for retail, airports, malls, supermarkets, and events & exhibitions that help businesses in customer engagement in location and time-based metrics, boost conversions, increase profits and optimize operations in their physical locations.


We gather all your data right from people counting to occupancy and path mapping and store it in our Cloud reporting tool. All these data are analyzed with machine learning methods to deliver you actionable information about your stores, campaigns, investments, products, and operations.



December Issue, 2019


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