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Queue management becomes simpler with Identifeye's queue management product

Queue Management

Grow Your Business with 
Queue Management 

Do you want to make your customers wait less and feel less annoyed at checkout queues?

Smart queue management can help you with that. It is a system that uses advanced sensor technology and AI to measure and analyze the queue length and waiting time of your customers, and optimize your staff allocation and checkout operations accordingly. This can help you deliver the best customer service and boost your sales and loyalty. 

Make customers wait less and enable faster checkouts


Reduce Queue Waiting Times
Reduce Queue
Waiting Times

You can see how long your customers wait at checkout queues and how many of them walk away without buying. You can use this data to set the ideal queue length and lower the waiting time of your customers.

Improve Staff Allocation
Staff Allocation

You can prevent overcrowded or understaffed checkout queues by opening or closing cash registers based on the real-time demand. You can also assign your staff to different tasks or zones based on the peak or slow hours of your store.

Avoid Abandonment

You can stop losing customers and revenue by lowering the waiting time of your customers at checkout queues. This can enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and motivate repeat purchases.

Boost Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty

You can provide outstanding customer service and improve every step of your customer journey by enhancing your checkout efficiency and convenience. This can boost customer loyalty and advocacy, and improve your brand reputation.

Technologies we use

Ultima AI/Go by Identifeye
Ultima AI/Go

Smart queue management uses Ultima AI/GO, a next-gen sensor that combines 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking to deliver up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution. It can count crowds up to millions in just 1 hour, and provide you with real-time insights on your queue performance and customer behavior.

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