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People counting sensor solutions from IdentifEye

People Counting

Grow Your Business with
People Counting Sensors

Pedestrian to individual people counting can be achieved with IdentifEye's AI enable people counting solutions

People counting sensors are devices that monitor how many people enter or leave a physical location, such as a store, mall, exhibition, or church. These sensors use various technologies to gather and analyze footfall data, which can help businesses grow their revenue and efficiency.

By learning how many people visit their location, when they visit, and how long they stay, businesses can gain valuable insights that can boost their sales, conversion rates, and marketing strategies.

People counting sensors can also help businesses enhance their customer experience, manage their crowd flow, and optimize their staffing levels. By integrating the footfall data with other data sources, such as point-of-sale systems, businesses can get a more complete picture of their customer behavior and business performance.


Group counting
Group Counting

This allows you to detect groups of customers and count them as one shopper. 

Adult child differentiation
Adult-Child Differentiation

This enables you to separate your visitors as adults and children and track them accordingly. 

Real-time occupancy
Real-time Occupancy

This helps you to measure your footfall traffic in real-time.

Staff exclusion
Staff Exclusion

This allows you to exclude the staff from your people counting data.


Boost Your Conversion Rates

 You can gain insights into your shopper base and performance and use them to improve your conversion rates and profits.

Boost conversion rates
Occupancy capacity
Manage Your Occupancy Capacity

You can keep track of your occupancy capacity limits across all locations in real time. You can also communicate safety recommendations and waiting times to your customers on digital screens.

Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness

You can measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns and allocate your budget based on location-based performance.

Improve marketing effectiveness
Optimise your resource allocation
Optimize Your Resource Allocation

You can use the data to forecast traffic trends, peak hours, and staffing levels. You can optimize your operations by aligning staff and customer-to-staff ratio to traffic power hours.

Enhance Your Business Growth

You can cut down costs, make data-based decisions, and determine growth strategies based on the performances of your locations.

Enhance business growth
Privacy and GDPR
Privacy and GDPR

You can ensure privacy with anonymous counting, and no faces or personal data is ever recorded. You can also comply with GDPR regulations.

Technologies we use

Ultima AI/GO

This is a combination of hardware and software that uses the latest AI and machine learning to provide the highest accuracy in visitor analytics. The sensor uses 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking to achieve up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution of up to 1280 x 720 active stereo depth. It can count crowds up to millions in just 1 hour.

CCTV analytics software from IdentifEye

This is a video analytics software that uses the existing camera system at the location for counting purposes. No additional sensor is needed. The software can collect data from thousands of cameras across different locations and does not depend on bandwidth because only text metadata is transferred. The video analytics is done on premises and no video data is ever transferred to the cloud (full privacy).

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