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IT Services

Are you looking for reliable and effective IT services for your business?

At Identifeye Solutions, we offer comprehensive IT services, covering hardware, software, and more. Whether you need a dedicated remote team to handle your it projects, or a quick customer care service to resolve your issues, we can deliver. With a global team of experts, we tailor customized solutions to your industry's needs, ensuring budget-friendly and goal-driven outcomes. 

Our Specialised Services

IT Assistance

We provide 24/7 support for your IT systems and devices.

We can troubleshoot, diagnose, and maintain your hardware and software components. We can also help you with installation, configuration, backup, recovery and security of your IT infrastructure.

Infrastructure Management

​We can design, implement and manage your IT infrastructure according to your business goals and needs. We can optimize your network performance, ensure data availability and integrity, and reduce operational costs and risks.

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Video Analysis

​We provide video analysis services to businesses that work on AI and ML-based video analytics. We analyze video content based on your requirements and offer reports and accurate solutions to organizations.

Remote Teams

We offer fully equipped and experienced professionals to businesses of any size and industry as virtual remote teams. We set up a team that meets your specifications and requirements. We manage the team’s daily operations remotely.

Customer Support

We offer excellent email and chat support services to organizations, ensuring that clients receive optimal assistance. We provide fast, effective, and dependable service, helping businesses create and maintain lasting relationships with their clients.

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