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Events and Exhibitions

Streamline Events  & Exhibitions for Success

Reduce costs and increase the quality of events using Identifeye's smart event solutions

Events and exhibitions are great opportunities to showcase your products, services, or ideas to a large audience.

, Organizing and managing such events can be challenging and costly.


People Counting
People Counting

Helps to enhance event management by  Monitoring  attendance, optimizing planning and safety, and analyzing popularity trends.

Guest Wi-Fi Analytics
Wi-Fi Analytics

Assists in gathering guests' Wi-Fi insights and helps in shaping personalized marketing with visitor Data.

Location Analytics

Analyzes how your visitors interact with your exhibits, booths, or displays and evaluate their performance and appeal. By identifying the most effective locations for your sponsors, partners, or advertisers, you increase your revenue opportunities.

Wi-Fi Marketing Automation
Wi-Fi Marketing Automation

 Engage your visitors with relevant and timely messages based on their location within your event or exhibition. By sending them offers, coupons, surveys, or invitations, you can increase their loyalty and satisfaction.

Indoor Mapping and Wayfinding
Indoor Mapping
and Wayfinding

Provide visitors with interactive maps and directions to help them navigate event or exhibition easily and quickly. By highlighting the areas of interest or importance, you can enhance their experience.

Demographic Analysis

Our sensor is easy to install and can be placed at the entrance of your space. It uses advanced algorithms to detect and analyze human features and accurately determine the gender of each customer. 

Vehicle Counting
Vehicle Counting

Events or exhibitions optimize parking through vehicle tracking, occupancy monitoring, and dynamic pricing strategies for enhanced revenue and satisfaction.

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