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Cars being counted using our vehicle counting solution

Vehicle Counting

Grow Your Business with
 Vehicle Counting 

Use our vehicle counting solution to count various types of vehicles

 Our vehicle counting solution is an offline video analytics software that can count and differentiate vehicles in any video stream (webcam, IP CCTV camera, NVR, files). It works for all classes of vehicles: car, bus, bike, van, truck.

Our vehicle counting solution has a high ROI and a very fast payback time. It is used by shopping malls, transportation and other organizations to audit their vehicle traffic and optimize their operations.

You can leverage CCTV and video analytics software to count and monitor vehicles and collect valuable data for your business. You can use the existing camera system that you have installed for surveillance or recording, and add a video analytics software that can process the video data on premises and send only text metadata to the cloud. You can use this data to improve your customer experience, marketing efforts, costs, safety and security.


Understand Traffic Patterns with out group counting solution
Traffic Patterns

 You can gain a better understanding of traffic patterns and behavior in your premises and optimize your parking lot design, traffic flow, and security measures accordingly.

Improve Customer Experience
Customer Experience

You can identify peak traffic hours and allocate staff and resources accordingly to ensure a smooth and efficient parking experience for your customers.

Optimize marketing efforts
Marketing Efforts

You can identify trends and make informed decisions about your marketing efforts based on the vehicle counting data.

Enhance Safety & Security
Safety and Security

You can identify potential safety and security issues based on the vehicle counting data. You can also monitor for suspicious behavior and respond quickly to any security threats.

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

You can reduce costs associated with parking lot maintenance and security by optimizing your lighting and surveillance systems to reduce energ consumption and increase efficiency.

Technologies we use

video counting solutions

This is a video analytics software that uses the existing camera system at the location for counting purposes. No additional sensor is needed. The software can collect data from thousands of cameras across different locations and does not depend on bandwidth because only text metadata is transferred. The video analytics is done on premises and no video data is ever transferred to the cloud (full privacy).

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