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Passenger counting solutions

Passenger Counting

Optimize your Operations with 
Passenger Counting 

Do you know how many passengers commute on your buses, trains, or other public transport vehicles daily?

Automated passenger counting can help you with that. It is a high-tech solution that uses people counting sensors installed in the vehicle doors to monitor and count the passengers getting on and off at each station. You can use this data to optimize your fleet management and passenger comfort.


Our sensors use AI and machine learning technologies to detect the passengers instantly andaccurately as they pass through the doorway. We offer real-time passenger counting data at over 99% accuracy.

Passenger counting in the subway


Increased Passenger Satisfaction
Increased Passenger Satisfaction

You can adjust your fleet composition and capacity to match the passenger demand and weather conditions, and improve passenger comfort and safety. You can also arrange additional vehicles to make sure that no passenger is left behind even in bad weather conditions.

Optimization of Fleets and Routes
Optimization of
Fleets and Routes

You can optimize your fleet management and vehicle allocation based on the passenger volume and trends. You can also figure out how many buses or train units will be deployed on which lines and at which hours.

Real-Time Data of Passenger Occupancy-blue
Real-Time Data of Passenger Occupancy

You can access live data of how many passengers are in your vehicles and stations, and how they affect your overall performance. You can also use this data to plan ahead and anticipate future demand.

Reduced Costs
Reduced Costs

You can reduce expenses by optimizing your fleet management and vehicle allocation based on the route and peak hour performance. You can also avoid overstaffing or understaffing your vehicles and stations by using the passenger data.

Increased Revenue from In-Vehicle Advertising
Increased Revenue from
In-Vehicle Advertising

You can increase your advertising revenue by showing the advertisers the routes and vehicles with higher occupancy and exposure. You can also target your ads based on the passenger demographics and behavior.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Transportation
Eco-Friendly and
Sustainable Transportation

You can reduce carbon emissions and air pollution by optimizing your fleets and routes. By counting passengers, you can contribute to a more sustainable world and enhance your brand image.

Controlled Payment Systems and Ticketing
Controlled Payment Systems
and Ticketing

You can cross-check and compare the number of passengers in your vehicles and the number of tickets sold to them. This can help you detect and prevent ticket fraud and revenue loss. You can also improve your ticket control systems and customer service based on the passenger data.

Technologies we use

Altima AI / Go Sensor
Ultima AI/Go

This is a combination of hardware and software that uses the latest AI and machine learning to provide the highest accuracy in visitor analytics. The sensor uses 3D active stereo vision technology and AI-based target tracking to achieve up to 99.9% counting accuracy with HD resolution of up to 1280 x 720 active stereo depth. It can count crowds up to millions in just 1 hour.

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