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Realtime customer insight with Identifeye

Location Analytics

Real-Time Customer Insight

with Identifeye

Location and analytics

 You can use our guest Wi-Fi platform over your existing network to get valuable insights about your venue.

These insights include footfall analytics, passer-bys vs. visitors, conversion rates, bounce,rates, new vs. return visitors, frequency and loyalty. 

WiFi analytics helps business owners and marketers to truly understand their venues.


Know new customers vs repeat customers_blue
Know new customers
repeat customers

You can see how many new and repeat customers visit your venue and how often they come back.

Discover Venue Demographic Interaction
Discover Venue
Demographic Interaction

You can see how different age groups, genders, and locations interact with your venue and what they are interested in.

Learn how different demographics interact with your venue
Increase your
guests visit duration

You can see how long your guests stay at your venue and what factors influence their visit duration.

Know guests digital tastes
Know guests
digital tastes

You can see what social networks, devices, and browsers your guests use to access your guest Wi-Fi and your website.

Social Media Preferences
Social Media Preferences

 You can see what your guests are saying about your venue on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Apply data for targeted marketing
Apply data for
targeted marketing:

You can use the analytics data to create personalized and relevant marketing campaigns for your guests based on their behavior and preferences.

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